Sunday, November 11, 2007

Links for Fun

Fun with Flowcharts.

The Missile Game is not as violent as it sounds, but it is addicting. Fly through a tunnel of rotating objects, completely mouse-controlled. (via Metafilter)

Poor Hamster. An animated song from ytmnd. A silly, sadistic, somewhat gory song. Poor hamster, poor hamster, why must your life be so tough? (via b3ta)

LOLsaur is just what it sounds like, image macros featuring dinosaurs. Rawr! (via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories)

Why trampolines are dangerous. (Thanks, Jan!)

License to Rant is a blog of license plates, particularly vanity plates that cause you to scratch your head and wonder what they were thinking. Some are so hard to decipher that commenters leave theie best guess. (via Grow~A~Brain)

The new Guinness ad features a domino fall like you’ve never seen before.

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