Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Do me a favor?

My buddy Carl (Actor212) of Simply Left Behind is in second place in his category at the 2007 Weblog Awards. And what’s amazing is that he has the endorsement of the frontrunner! So please go vote for his blog Simply Left Behind. Click here.

From Actor212:

THE POLLS CLOSE TOMORROW 5PM ET, so 2PM PT, if you're counting down.

You still have time to vote, twice, if you get there in the next couple of hours. You can only vote once every 24 hours (some folks have figured a way around this, it seems, but the admins have figured out a way to catch that and are deleting extreme examples of it).

We can do this. I believe in this blog as an example of what's right about the Internet, a place to read and think and discuss, and take something away from that can make a difference.

And YOU guys make that difference! Me, I just write. It's you guys that are the inspiration for all this. A vote for Simply Left Behind is a vote for yourselves.

I want to thank you, all of you, who have helped me in this race. I've had a blast campaigning, and I've met many new friends, and reacquainted myself with some old ones that have fallen away. Even if by some miracle, the trolls beat my blog, I can take that away from this experience.

Thanks again, and one more time, please vote!

1 comment:

Carl said...

I wondered why the gap was closing so dramatically! Thank you, MissC!