Friday, November 09, 2007

Around the Blogosphere


The 2007 Weblog Award winners have been announced. Except for the categories of Science and Technology, which are both being audited. Congratulations to Simply Left Behind, which won in its Ecosphere category! Thanks to y’all who voted through this site.

There’s a serious lovefest going on between Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy Blog and Wil Wheaton.

Remember Jacek? He’s traveling solo around southern Africa while we are shivering here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Ed of The Tao of Health, The Tao of Love, and The Tao of Politics hasn’t been posting much lately. I found out that it’s because he has gone back to school! He’s getting a Master's degree in Creative Writing.

Lightning Bug’s Butt came up with a new word, “Gratifident” with some hilarious examples.

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