Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Reads

The Torn Identity: How an Earthquake Spawned One of the Greatest Immigration Fraud Schemes in History.

Why We do Dumb or Irrational Things: 10 Brilliant Social Psychology Studies. Collectively, we’ve got a lot of illogical habits to rise above.

How to go to college for free. My parents met each other at one of these tuition-free colleges.

New thin film solar material could make solar-powered homes practical, affordable.

The Predatory Lending Association (PLA) is dedicated to extracting maximum profit from the working poor by increasing payday loan fees and debt traps. Yes, it’s a fake organization, with facts about a very real industry.

Video report on the NBBA (National Beep Baseball Association), for visually impaired players.

Nine Words that Don’t Mean What You Think.

Video of Earthrise and Earthset over the moon, taken from Japan’s KAGUYA (SELENE) lunar obitor.

Did a Comet Cause the Great Flood?

Wired profiles Randall Munroe of xkcd.

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