Tuesday, July 09, 2024

What's Happening in Berlin?

WTF does this machine do?
byu/knowitokay inWTF

 What is going on here? A ridiculously small caterpillar vehicle is doing something with a bollard, but we can't figure out exactly what. Redditors have differing opinions, many of them NSFW, but the best is from finger_licking_robot, who confidently explained the workings of the Poller-Kalibrator.

Other commenters figured this was either a protest, a stunt for internet clicks, or performance art. The answer is always C. This was part of the recent Berlin art festival called 48 Stunden Neukölln. The artists are Anton Steenbock and Peter Behrbohm, who collaborate under the name SONDER, and the little vehicle is part of the project called SONDER HARMONISATION. The description of the work is just as baffling as the performance itself.  

You can see more of their projects at Instagram, including a longer, more confusing video of the bollard job. (via reddit)


Anonymous said...

Bah, claptrap. It obviously a machine to clean dog pee from bollards and hydrants. Protecting the health and welfare of our gallant firefighters for whom we pay sick days and medical bills.

Anonymous said...

It's a machine to make little boys like me ask questions. It is very good at it's task.