Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Nostalgia Break

Not that far away, but certainly long ago. This could have been me in the '70s. So many times I would get a dollar's worth of gas. During the occasional gas war, that would allow you to run the roads. (via Bits and Pieces)


Chakolate said...

Oh, I remember the gas wars. I'd go driving around for an hour to avoid Mass, then before going home I'd pull into a station that advertised $.18/gallon, and worry my mother would notice that the 50 cents I put in the tank left the tank fuller than when I left.

Anonymous said...

That's about $4 a gallon in today's money. And that beast of a car was getting about 12 miles per gallon. Also, the minimum wage was just a buck sixty in 1971.

Anonymous said...

1969, which probably means more than $4. It's okay, though, I'm not going to let you yuck my yum