Thursday, September 15, 2022

Imperial Walker

The first Star Wars fans are getting old. (via Bits and Pieces)


Bicycle Bill said...

I'm going to print out a copy of this picture and give it to my physical therapist.

And on the good news front, I probably won't be needing to see them too much longer.  My leg has mended and regained sufficient strength that I'm able to walk short distances without a walker or cane at all – and what's more, I'm pretty much over my ⃥f⃥e⃥a⃥r⃥s⃥ well-placed concerns that I'm going to crash and burn because the leg won't hold me or I'm going to take a misstep, go down again, and wind up back in the hospital.


Miss Cellania said...

What happened, BB? Bicycle wreck? Whatever it was, I am glad you are getting better!