Wednesday, September 28, 2022


Tom Arnold is photobombing the Star Wars guys at Cincinnati Comic Con. That's the real Tom Arnold, but in front is George Flucas (Allen Stephenson) and Fluke Skywalker. Skywalker posted this and answered questions about how he got into this line of work.

I've been a volunteer for charity most of my life, starting with riding my bike to raise money for the Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon. My family and I have been volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati since 2006. They hired a professional chef in 2016 so that opportunity changed. By 2017, I lost 90 lb and started hearing how much I look like Mark Hamill from a lot of different people. I decided I would use the look to continue to help out charities. This coming Christmas will be my fifth year of not only raising money for donations but donating toys to their toy closet every 3 months non-stop since Christmas of 2017. I suck at golf so this is my hobby.

Ninety pounds! I am impressed.

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xoxoxoBruce said...

Lost 90 lbs? Does that mean divorce?