Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Jim Before the Drugs

A scene from a very memorable 1982 episode of TAXI. I'll never forget Christopher Lloyd's face at the end. However, I had forgotten that Jim Ignatowski's college roommate was Tom Hanks. If you want to see the whole story, you can in part one and part two


Bicycle Bill said...
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Bicycle Bill said...

The one Taxi scene I loved was the one in season 4 (episode title: "Elegant Iggy") ... Elaine had been invited to a high-society dinner, and Reverend Jim was her escort.   The pianist who was scheduled to provide the entertainment didn't show up, and Jim (to Elaine's absolute horror) offers to fill in.   He then sits down to the piano and, after a couple of painful attempts at "London Bridge", says "Ah, the hell with it!" and breaks into a faultless performance of Chopin's "Fantaisie Impromptu" in C#minor.

But what sent it over the top was when, about ten seconds into the piece, Jim pauses and with that perplexed look on his face says, "I must have had music lessons!"

xoxoxoBruce said...

The wonderful thing about Tom Hanks is everytime I see him in a role I recognize him, then immediately he becomes that character he's playing. No, he was better as, or more believable in, he is that character. Your mileage may vary, but I've never found another actor that does that for me.