Saturday, September 17, 2022

How Much Does Steven Seagal Sit in His Movies?

You will begin this video thinking, "Who cares how much Steven Seagal sits in his movies?" At least that's what I thought, but Jovo Anschluss (who refers to Seagal as "Fred" throughout the video) drew me in with his non-stop hilarious yet deadpan monologue about Seagal. The narrative gets sidetracked with a story of how Anschluss bought tickets to "A Night with Steven Seagal," and then launches into the exhaustive statistics. How could Seagal have more overall scenes standing, but have more movies where he sits more than stands? All that is explained in seven different ways. Yeah, none of this matters in the grand scheme of things, but the video is a crazy delight. (via Digg)

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