Sunday, September 11, 2022

21 Years On

Redditor zyndrex is a flight attendant. She posted a picture last night that was taken 21 years ago, September 10, 2001. Her life would change the next day. She tells us the story in a comment.

United flight attendant of 29 years here. 21 years ago on the eve of 9/11, at about 10-11pm....there was a thunderstorm that shut JFK down for hours. There were airplanes on every tarmac as far as the eye could see. We were number 33, our call sign was "United863Heavy" "...l'Il never forget.

My two girlfriends & I were flying to San Francisco on the same crew. We were all so teeny, the three of us fit in these two seats in business, and someone thought it was cute. They took this picture. We had no idea what was about to happen. Life as these three friends knew it changed forever. We were stuck in San Francisco from that Tuesday until we were flown back home to NYC on the following Friday. Our airplane flew OVER the still smoldering pile of what were The Twin Towers, buildings we all knew well. All we recalled hearing were the roar of the one made a sound, except for the occasional sniffle... I honestly don't recall much sound. I just looked out the window from my seat, 2A and cried to myself. We all did. Two of my other close girlfriends ended up being on the crew working flight 93 which crashed in PA. Those were some of the most emotional and scariest days of my life.

Other redditors left their memories of that day below the post.

Never forget.


xoxoxoBruce said...

I was working at Boeing Helicopter right on the river less than a mile from the end of the runway at Philly airport. They used the river as an approach and take off path so not very high when they flew by. The days following 9/11 it as so quiet, so eerie, it was unsettling.

Anonymous said...

A guy I worked with had a sister that worked in one tower of the WTC and a brother that worked in the Pentagon.

He and his family spent days not knowing what happened, Finally, they found out the sister went down a lesser-used stairwell and escaped unharmed and the brother worked in a different part of the Pentagon so was no where near where the plane hit.

I was on "paternity leave" at the time (and on a in-town project), so it was not until about November of '01 before I flew again.