Friday, September 10, 2021

The World's Most Useless Clock

Burke McCabe made a clock that falls off the wall when you look at it. Really. He was just bored one weekend, and did it. That's an awesome idea, and hilarious, which you can get from the first ten seconds of the video. But the way he tells about the project is even funnier, as he seems to be quite tech-savvy, and then took a dumb idea and half-assed it because he wasn't about to go out and buy supplies, like glue sticks, and then half-assed a video about it. (via Digg)


smittypap said...

Narrator: Young Mr. McCabe would go on to invent Skynet and thus be responsible for the downfall of mankind.

xoxoxoBruce said...

I feel for McCabe, he's going to get a lot of abuse over this video.
But I understand how an idea that nags causes someone to spend days and sometimes money to build something silly that makes everyone say WTF?
Not that I would ever do that...