Thursday, September 30, 2021

How to Catch an Alligator with a Garbage Can

What do you do when there's an alligator in your yard and he doesn't want to leave? If you live in Florida, you need to consider that it might happen. A man identified in some news accounts as Eugene Bozzi and others as Abdul Gene Malik, also known as Florida Man in the most superhero-like use of the term, took matters into his own hands when it happened in Mount Dora.  (via Fark)

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Marco McClean said...

It hurts my back to watch him lift and twist leaning forward off-balance that way. The last time I could get away with that sort of thing was maybe the middle 1990s. I forgot and did it with a heavy computer box in June of 2020; the pain was exquisite and lasted months.

Otherwise, I like the way, to the alligator, the trash bin is like a much bigger creature to eat it. The great big scoop mouth, like a monster pelican.