Thursday, September 23, 2021

Two Weeks Notice

Click to the right to advance the comic. Then you'll see a scenario playing out across the country. The CEO would probably accede to the guy's wishes, but middle management needs to retain their reason for existence. This comic is from Trying Times Comics.

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Kolo Jezdec said...

The negotiations work both ways. Is the employee willing to give up a few sick days/vacation days? Perhaps a little less salary because he does not have to commute/pay for parking/tolls? My niece works for an insurance company, her job is to research and approve or disapprove generic drugs for insurance coverage. The company is in Portland (OR), she moved there several years ago for the job. When the COVID hit, she began to work from home. After a few months, she went to Pittsburgh (her hometown) to visit and continued to work from there. She decided to move back to Pittsburgh permanently after her employer negotiated some changes. 5 less vacation days, 5 less sick days, and a 5% reduction in pay. Most of her vacation had been spent in Pittsburgh, she could still work when slightly ill (no worries about coughing and sneezing at the office), and the cost of living in Pittsburgh is considerably lower than in Portland. Win-win for employer and employee. It's a two-way street.