Thursday, June 10, 2021

5 Ways British and American Yards/Gardens Are Very Different

The guy behind the YouTube account Lost in the Pond continues his series of comparing US and British things with a look at our yards. The differences are mainly two things: the US has lots and lots of space, so our yards are relatively big, and the difference in language. In the US, the world "yard" encompasses all the outdoor spaces of our homes, with few exceptions. That means our "yard" may include a lawn, garden (meaning a spot for flowers or vegetables), paved areas (called "patio" if it's private, or "courtyard" if it's shared space), driveway, and designated sports areas. Pasture, field, and forest may or may not be included in the "yard," depending on how you personally delineate these areas. It seems that British people don't have all these spaces, and the term "garden" encompasses what they have.


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