Friday, June 25, 2021

Super Patriot

I think this was originally published in Mad magazine many years ago. (via Fark)


WTM said...

It was. Art by Jack Davis.

xoxoxoBruce said...

All these years and sadly still true.

Unknown said...

Could not of said that better, or nicer.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

True when first published and true now.

Bicycle Bill said...

Google is your friend.   This was originally run in MAD magazine in Sept. 1969 and was just one item from an article entitled "The MAD Primer of Bigots, Extremists, and Other Loose Ends."

link: https://50yearoldcomics dot com/2019/09/14/mad-129-september-1969/

Other targets including Right-Wing Extremists (using Lester Maddox as their example) and Black Militants (no particular individual, but clearly influenced by the Black Panthers and others of that ilk).