Saturday, June 26, 2021

Big Bike Crash

A spectator held a sign in front of cameras and caused a crash on the first day of the Tour de France. Around a hundred cyclists were knocked down, dozen of bikes had to be replaced, and 21 athletes were injured.  Several cyclists had to drop out of the race. (via Digg)


xoxoxoBruce said...

The idiot causing the crash held a sign that said, “allez opi-omil".
Google was stumped but I found this explanation...

"It’s combining French and German for some reason. “Opi” and “Omi” are German slang for grandpa and grandma, and “Allez” is French for “go”. So he’s greeting his grandparents.

It shouldn't be hard to find him and make him at least pay for all those bent up wheels.

Bicycle Bill said...

Some of the other reports I've seen on this is that this person – I hesitate to call them a 'spectator', as they were obviously there to get themself and their sign on camera, not to watch the race – who caused this melee was actually a female, and that the TdF organization is planning on taking some sort of action against this person, once they determine who the person was. Apparently they managed to merge back into the crowd during all the hubbub, although I'm sure someone knows who he/she is and will rat them out.


xoxoxoBruce said...

Thanks Bill, looking at the video I thought it was a chick but then everything I read referred to a he.