Saturday, May 15, 2021

How to Turn Off a Ceiling Fan

From someone with a lot of experience, you have to become one with the fixture. You must get to really know it on its own level. What bothers me most these days about ceiling fans (which I rely on these days) is a the widely varying quality of light bulbs. A ceiling fan needs several that match, and the most expensive ones seem to fail the fastest. This graphic is from Matt Shirley.


gwdMaine said...

After the 1st 'pull the string' should be 'no, that's the lights'.

Bicycle Bill said...

That's why you use two different ends on the cords (or the same ends, but two different lengths) ... so you can tell them apart.

And I have seen little gizmos that attach between the cord and the end that displays one, two, or three dots as you pull the cord to indicate the fan speed.