Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Social Studies

There are a hundred other things we should be teaching our kids, but in my experience (which was a long time ago), those highlights got repeated every year because so many kids couldn't retain anything. This graphic is from Matt Shirley.


Harold said...

Second list should be labeled "What I Wished We Learned, TOO!" The traditional social studies, geography, and history stuff is very important and has an impact on how we all interconnect culturally and internationally.. I also had civics, which taught me about our government (federal, state, county, municipal) and how they work and what my responsibilities are. The adjunct list is also important for sure, but some of that stuff should be taught or role-modeled by one's parents!

Miss Cellania said...

When I was in school, we never learned the state capitals or much of anything about World War I. It was all Columbus, Revolutionary War, Civil War, and World War II. The Civil War was taught badly (states rights and despicable carpetbaggers), and my school didn't even offer civics.