Sunday, May 06, 2018

Happens All the Time

Two Black Men Were Arrested In Starbucks. Witnesses Say They "Didn't Do Anything." Here's an update.

Golf Club Apologizes After Calling Police On Group Of Black Women Members.

Black teen misses bus, gets shot at after asking for directions in Rochester Hills.

LA Fitness assumes black man isn't a member (but he is), bars him from entering and calls police.

Despite outrage over viral video, Waffle House calls black customer's arrest 'appropriate.'

Cops called to UWS apartment for ‘burglary in progress’ but find black tenant, former White House staffer moving in.

A mom on a college tour called the cops on two Native American teens because they made her 'nervous.' More here.

These things all happened in about a two-week period, but it's not a trend. It's always happened. We just see it more now because people carry video cameras in their back pocket. And these are just the stories that made the news and went viral; you can be sure there are plenty of others that didn't.  


Barbwire said...

I can't believe the level of prejudice that still exists in this country. It's disgusting, and a bit terrifying that so many people, including way too many in law enforcement, as still living in the 19th century.

Anonymous said...

A teen has to ask for directions to a school he goes to and from five days a week?

Miss Cellania said...

It's the first time he'd missed the bus.