Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

We’ll First Find Aliens on Eyeball Planets. These are exoplanets that are tidally locked to their star, and carry a thin habitable zone in a ring shape.

'Jesus never charged a leper a co-pay': the rise of the religious left. Count me in.

Vulture Ranks Every Star Wars Movie. Ten mini-reviews to justify the rankings include Solo without giving away too much.

Han Solo was Almost in Revenge of the Sith. His part would have been too silly to believe.

Deep in the Honduran Rain Forest, an Ecological SWAT Team Explores a Lost World. The diverse biology is a bigger treasure than the lost city that lured explorers there in the first place.

Roxy, the Long Island Railroad Dog. He knew every train and its schedule, and how to get where he wanted to go.

How Gerrymandered is Your State? (via Nag on the Lake)

The 25 Toughest Colleges to Get Into in 2018.

24 Wildly Inappropriate Official Movie Tie-In Products.

Trump admits the reason behind his "fake news" cry.  


gwdMaine said...

I wish the religious left the best of luck, but unfortunately I
don't see them gaining any more traction than that of the
religious right. The article leaves out the elephant in the
room: Abortion.

Full disclosure: My personal feelings are that as a species,
the human race will never evolve to something better as long
as we continue to kill our unborn.

The religious left will run into mainstream Democrats:
The Party of Abortion, but not religious rights.

The Conscience Protection Act­ being a prime example.

It wasn't always this way and everyone shares the blame:

The Politics of Abortion

The religious left is left with the hypocritical 40 year old
statement: "I'm personally against abortion, but I respect
the law.

No progress until this changes.

Grey One talks sass said...

gwdMaine - Abortion has been around since humankind has existed. To ignore this fact is to ignore the bulk of human history.

You've made your point about abortion clear - you don't agree. However, I have a few questions/scenes that prove that abortion is a matter best left to a woman and her doctor (which is the position I've heard most folks on the left advocate. I've never heard the 'respect the law phrase').

I support legal abortion because I've talked to children carrying their sister/baby (from father/step father). I've worked with women freaked out of their minds because they were raped and now pregnant and their fundamentalist family will not understand. I've worked beside women who already have children and cannot afford another. For all the reasons I've listed and more importantly all the reasons I cannot fathom I support a woman's right to choose what is best for her and her family.

Until a woman is allowed to make such decisions without being shamed progress on this issue will not happen.

SandDollarSue said...

I love Miss Cellania! -- the sign said don't go without leaving a comment, so here I am. I visit at least once most days & find lots of fun here -- especially the cats & tiny kittens. BTW my grandfather had a cat he named Ms. Laney -- calico of course. I often think of him & Ms. Laney when I visit.

Thank you & keep my the good work. -- Sue W.

Miss Cellania said...

Thank you, Sue!

Miss Cellania said...

gwdMaine , how do you feel about abortion for ectopic pregnancy? The day after pill (plan B)? IUDs? Do you believe a zygote has fundamental human rights? How about an anencephalic fetus? Should a pregnant woman with cancer be denied radiation or chemotherapy?

gwdMaine said...

Don't confuse my post with that of someone on the religious
right. I am religious but don't wear my religion on my sleeve.
I also don't live by the Ten Commandments so I'm
comfortable with there being exceptions to every rule. I
would not defund Planned Parenthood and I also support the
Right to Die. One of the biggest debates in Right to Die is
that of ordinary vs. extraordinary measures when making the
decision. My thinking: Same applies to abortion.

Abortions aren't ever ordinary, but that's how they're
treated today. It's too easy and it's abused.

As a socially moderate fiscal conservative here's what
governs my decision making when it comes to social
programs: Pride,Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth.
Pope Gregory's Seven Deadly Sins. The real Dark Side.
Human nature being what it is; today it's much easier to
go there and the social fabric to mitigate this is pretty
much gone.