Saturday, December 31, 2016

Year-end Lists 2016: Miscellaneous

(Image credit: Eena Scott/Fusion)

No, 2016 wasn’t ALL terrible: These were the bright moments.

33 Pictures That Show 2016 Wasn’t A Completely Terrible Year.

Oxford Dictionaries have designated "post-truth" their Word of the Year for 2016.  

Flo & Joan get all sweary with a song about 2016. Contains NSFW language.

Cracked's Year in Review, Illustrated in Photoplasty.

The 10 Best Ads of 2016.

29 Perfect Tweets About Being A Woman In 2016.

Mapping the Year in Truck Spills. An interactive map.

The Ringer's Best Video Games of 2016.

An Overly Specific Look At The Best Games Of 2016.

Dezeen's top 10 houses of 2016.

The Best Stand Up Comedy Moments of 2016! (As Decided by the Club Owners, Bookers and People Who Produce Comedy)

The Dogs of 2016

In 2016, as in every other year, dogs were ready to bring us joy. The folks at We Rate Dogs put together a compilation of the most adorable dog videos of the year. Those are good dogs. The song is "Center of Gravity" by Brazen Youth.

Best of Media Corrections 2016.  

The Year in Money.

Nine Cars Americans Loved or Hated in 2016.

What 2016 meant for Asian Americans.

What Did We Get Stuck In Our Rectums Last Year? And other orifices.

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