Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

The Power of Red Pens, Red-Clad Politicians, and Red Sneakers. What research says about the effect of color.

Iran has the death penalty for homosexuality but subsidizes sex reassignment surgery.  

5 Times Carrie Fisher Made Hollywood History. She was much more than Princess Leia.

Full Star Wars Movie Schedule and Release Date Calendar. Mark your appointment book through the year 2020.

Cheetahs Are Far Closer To Extinction Than We Realized. Loss of habitat has the numbers down to little over 7,000.

Let Kids Lose! Scientists Say It Helps Children Learn Better Judgment. Mistakes made as a child are less costly than those of a young adult.

The 21 Worst Handymen In The World. Sometimes you gotta work around what you already have.

How One Man Used a Deck of Cards to Make Parapsychology a Science. Dr. Joseph B. Rhine develop Zener cards to test psychic abilities.

10 tasty winter-weather drinks to keep you warm. Although they may leave you too tipsy for ice skating.

Everything is Fine: House Republicans Propose Fines for Congressional Live-Streams. We'll no longer get to see sausage being made.

6 New Year Traditions from Around the World. Maybe we should try them all out.

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