Friday, July 29, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

50+ Fantastic Cosplay Photos From the 2016 San Diego Comic Con. Skill and imagination on display!

Photographer Sent Bill for her Own Photo, Fights Back. With a one billion dollar lawsuit against Getty and Alamy. (via Metafilter)

People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Grandmas Celebrating Hillary Clinton’s Nomination. Some of those women were born before women had the right to vote.

How Olympic Sprinter Stella Walsh Nearly Lost Her Medals Because of Her Autopsy.

The Internet Had A Photoshop Field Day With NASA’s Unbelievable Photo. The moon was in front of the earth, but what else could it be? 

 15 Things We Learned About the Alien Franchise at Comic Con. A cast reunion brought out a lot of memories and weird production stories.

How To Avoid Pointless Political Arguments. Bring out the balloons!

The camera really adds tens pounds. It all depends on what lens you use.  

Some real advice for incoming college freshmen. There’s a lot to keep up with in taking care of yourself.

8 Mysterious Tales of Traveling Dogs. How’d they get there, anyway? 

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