Thursday, July 28, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

The Week Jimi Hendrix Toured with the Monkees. It didn’t go over all that well.

The Pokémon Go baby-name boom has arrived. Your little Eevee or Onix will never be able to lie about her age.

The 14-Year-Old Olympic Gymnast Who Scored The First Perfect 10. The scoreboard couldn’t handle Nadia Comăneci's perfection.

15 facts about relationships everybody should know before getting married. Research shows us what works and what doesn’t.

The Confederate Town in Upstate New York. We still don’t know why Town Line decided to secede.

Where Do Seedless Watermelons Come From? My guess would be Georgia.

French artist Matthew Tremblin took on a project to “clean up” the graffiti tags on the streets of France, by changing those signature tags to a legible font.

9 Non-Threatening Leadership Strategies for Women. It may confuse men, but will be oh-so-familiar to women who’ve been employed for at least a couple years.

The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) conducted a vast study of global agriculture and how foods that originated in one region ended up sustaining different regions, both by exported agriculture and by exported food. Part of that study is a map that shows where those foods were once native plants.

Ice Bucket Challenge Leads to Significant Gene Discovery. (via reddit)

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