Monday, July 18, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

Heat Waves: the Story of Do The Right Thing. It’s been 27 years since Spike Lee’s breakthrough film hit theaters.

Rocket Slides and Monkey Bars: Chasing the Vanishing Playgrounds of Our Youth

7 Things We Learned About Rogue One at Star Wars Celebration Europe. The immediate prequel to A New Hope will hits theaters in December.  

The Tamir Rice Story: How to Make a Police Shooting Disappear.

11 Times Your Favorite Disney Characters Almost Looked Totally Different. For most, the finished version was a vast improvement.

25 Tips for Success in Pokémon Go. You’re competing with half the world, you know.

21 Clever Packing Tricks That Will Make Your Trip So Much Easier. Or you could just leave most of that stuff at home.

This Is What Happens When Lava Swallows A Tree. It doesn’t burn the tree immediately, but sticks around long enough to form a tree mold.

Olympic doping, explained. Performance-enhancing drugs are found in almost every sport.

Ice Cream or Not Ice Cream? These frozen treats are delicious, but they are not all the same.

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