Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Where in the Hell is Matt?

This comic inspired me to pull out some really good stuff from the past and repost. Even if you’re familiar with older internet hits, some are so good they are worth another look. Years ago, a guy named Matt Harding was known among his friends for a dorky little dance he did. Matt took advantage of any opportunity he had to travel, and decided to record himself dancing in the places he traveled. Here’s that video, released in 2005.

It was such a hit, one of the earliest YouTube hits, that Stride Gum sponsored the 2006 video, with upgraded production values.

That made Matt famous. But he decided that instead of dancing in front of landmarks, it would be better to dance with people from all those places, so that’s what he did for the 2008 Stride Gum video.

Another Where in the Hell is Matt? video was released in 2012, funded by Matt. This time, he went to places that his corporate sponsor wouldn’t send him, like North Korea and Syria. Another difference is that this time, instead of doing “the Matt Dance,” the dancing is both more varied and more choreographed.

A good time was had by all. You can see more videos about Matt’s adventures at his website.

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