Monday, November 16, 2015

Most Internships Are Actually Illegal

About ten years ago, I found myself without a job. I considered moving to a city, and looked for job openings. Under the “entertainment” category, the vast majority of help wanted ads were unpaid “internships.” There wasn’t any college credit attached, just “experience” and “exposure.” I stayed in Kentucky where I didn’t have to pay rent and ended up eating a living by internet. But even when there is college credit involved, most internships are a scam perpetrated against the working class. But look: even when you’re getting paid, you’re getting screwed.

Openness about your salary sounds like a great idea, but if you live in an “at will” state, you can get fired for talking about it. Oh, that won’t be the stated reason you are fired, that could be anything from they don’t like your looks to they needed the slot for their nephew. In the real world, the entire office would have been fired at the end of this video. There are plenty of applications for those jobs sitting in the office.  

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