Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Miss Cellania's Links

Deaths on the Throne. Meaning, famous people who died on the toilet.

The Star Wars prequels don’t deserve your hatred. While they aren’t perfect, their awful reputation is a product of the internet feedback loop.

25 Pets Who Hate You Deeply For Making Them Go to the Vet. It’s a gallery of misery and despair, so don’t laugh too much.

The Forgotten Midwest Craze for Building Palaces Out of Grain. The agricultural one-upmanship of the 19th century prairie.

Americans Greatly Overestimate Economic Mobility. Two studies show the American Dream is alive and well in our minds, if not in reality.

A Harvard physicist has an incredible theory for why the dinosaurs went extinct. It’s not so much about dinosaurs, but about how the Milk Way works.

The real reason many Americans don't vote. The U.S. makes the process unnecessarily difficult for a lot of people.

The Grossest Fictional Dishes of All Time. This may put you off lunch.

How One Man’s Face Became Another Man’s Face. (via Boing Boing)

The Time Republicans Helped Build an All-Black Town Called 'Soul City.’ (via Metafilter

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