Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Classical Gas

Mason Williams, from 1968. I remember when this was on the radio every hour or so, and a few years later I played it in marching band.


Bilbo said...

Classical Gas ... one of my all-time favorite instrumental pieces! You should also listen to his wonderful song, "The Last Great Waltz."

John the Lawyer said...

Great video but boy what an obvious "lip" sync. Ah the good ol days

Bicycle Bill said...

Later, he recorded an album featuring it (along with several other songs of his) with C.W. McCall's backup band. Yeah, the guy who did "Convoy" — THAT C.W. McCall. It was surprisingly good.

Williams and McCall may no longer be performing much any more, (Williams is in his 80s, and McCall is on the far side of 90), but McCall's band's still going strong. You might have heard of them.

They go by the name "Mannheim Steamroller" now.


Anonymous said...

What do you get when Beethoven eats too many bratwursts?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I remember it too -- always a fave!

gwdMaine said...

Mannheim Steamroller was founded by
Chip Davis. Davis got his start
writing the music for the lyrics
of Bill Fries - who goes by the name
C.W. McCall.

Davis produced the albums Classical
Gas - Mason Williams and
Mannheim Steamroller and American
Spirit - Mannheim Steamroller and
C.W. McCall.