Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

The Legend of King Arthur.

Why Johnny Can’t Add Without a Calculator.

The Tyrant of Clipperton Island. A horrific story of abandonment, starvation, abuse, survival, and rescue. 

Sunday brought the news that Lonesome George, the very last Pinta Island tortoise, had died. He heads a list of 17 Animals That Became Extinct In Our Lifetime.

Antique machinery is full of beautiful design and fascinating if obsolete technology that could easily cause your death. And that old stuff is liable to still work!

Meet the top 100 people who shaped the internet. Called the Digital Power Index, these are the people you can thank for the playground we all play in.

The European Union wanted an ad campaign to encourage more females to go into science. The silly sexist ad that was actually produced encouraged facepalms instead.

Singapore's Gardens by the Bay: A Stunning Feat of Green Design. Just looking at the pictures makes you feel like you're on a vacation trip.

The U.S. Olympic trials saw a tie for third place in the 100-yard dash as Allyson Felix and Jenebah Tarmoh both crossed the finish line in 11.068 seconds. Since only one of them can be in the top three and race in the Olympics, they will have to break the tie one way or another.

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