Thursday, September 08, 2011

Links for Fun

Work It by the Norwegian Ylvis brothers. NSFW language, but altogether hilarious.

A real musician can make music on any kind of instrument. Even a discarded soda bottle.

What if Darth Vader had been the main character in the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man? Well, for one thing, it would have been funnier.

20 Ridiculous Cat Names. Just to make you laugh.

Evil Twins from '60s Television.

Take a little trip back in time with me for some of the awesome tunes of 1971.

Don't Make Me Destroy You.

The 6 Levels of Extreme Apple Fandom.

Superhero Auditions. Not everyone has what it takes -especially these folks. NSFW audio.

A perfect visual pun for movie buffs. And if you don’t get it, the puppy is still adorable.

Ride along with Bridgestone test rider Tim Röthig on the Nürburgring test course. It’s hypnotic and a bit terrifying.

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