Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Fun and Funny Links

It takes a real adrenaline junkie to go kiteboarding during a hurricane. But it only takes a few seconds of your time to see what he did!

Freddie Wong illustrates the future motion control gaming. You can assume before you watch that there will be plenty of gunfire.

Going to the Store. This video might be considered NSFW, but I don't know why. It's just so odd.

Who sits like this? A lot of people tried.

Women Suck At Making Coffee: The Hilariously Misogynistic Supercut. Sure, it’s funny now, but back in the day, it took us on another of a long lines of guilt trips.

If movies followed their original casting...

The Legend of Zelda Theme on Marimba.

Simon’s Cat only wants to find out why this computer thing is so fascinating. The mouse, at least, is irresistible.

Burning Man Has A Thunder Dome. No sign of Tina Turner or Mel Gibson, who apparently couldn’t get tickets.

Tokyo’s top 10 mythical beasts. I’m familiar with some of these, but no matter how much I looked, there was no Godzilla to be found. (via Boing Boing)

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