Monday, March 14, 2011

Good Reads and Information

Happy Pi Day! Besides eating pie, there are plenty of ways to celebrate.

Ten percent of all people are left-handed, a ratio that holds up over generations. While we can correlate a lot of things with handedness, we still don’t know what causes it.

A scientist with lots of hair explains Schrodinger’s Cat and its quantum state. No cats were killed in the making of this thought experiment.

Ed Watson and Derence Kernek have been committed to each other for 40 years. Ed wants to marry before Alzheimer's robs him of the ability to recognize and remember his partner.

Dafna Linzer became an American citizen by remembering the official answers to the citizenship test -even though some are not exactly correct.

Atlas Obscura is hosting their second annual International Obscura Day on April 9, 2011. This is a day set aside for you to go on “expeditions, back-room tours and hidden treasures” in places near or not-so-near.

The 1966 hit “Walk Away Renee” was written by a lovesick 16-year-old harpsichord player, which is probably why it stuck with us. You have to wonder how that harpsichord part ever got synched with the bass line. (Thanks, Joe!)

Enjoy 52 photographs from Carnival 2011. And another 43 pictures over here. A colorful sampling of celebrations all over the world.

Voyager I has been traveling in space for over 33 years. It is still maneuvering and sending back signals as it reaches the very edge of the sun’s influence.

5 Forgotten Founding Fathers. Let’s remember how they helped deliver a free nation for us.

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