Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fun and Funny Links

Princess Bride Cats.

Beware Icy Hot. Some context.

Predator: The Musical.

Libyan protesters demand resignation of Gadhafi, Khadafi, Qadhafi and Khaddaffi.

DO NOT join a forum of internet veterans just to submit your ads as content -and then lie about it. They know how to find you.

Next time you need a good fart story, you can let this one rip.

Your cats may act sweet, but if these photos are any indication, they are ready to destroy you and everything you love. Don't count on any help from the dog, either.

Zach Anner Gets His TV Show. No quest is too underwater or fictional for the comedian and travel expert-in-training.

Single White Feline explains how crazy cat ladies are born. A cat is not always your best friend.

The Marmoset Song. Go watch this while I run, run far away!

When You Write Your Essays In Programming Languages.

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