Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Informative Links

You’ve heard of people who plan their trips so that they never make a left turn? A new study shows that this scheme will not only save you gas, but will also save you time! (via Boing Boing)

9 Weird Ingredients Hiding in Your Makeup Bag. Should we have a chemistry degree to figure out what we are putting on our skin?

Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini became a World War II bombardier until his plane went down in the Pacific. He survived 47 days adrift at sea before being captured by the Japanese. (via Metafilter)

A sword hilt has been found among the wreckage of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. That raises a possibility that it could have belonged to Blackbeard the pirate or one of his crew -or one of his victims.

Do you type with two spaces at the end of a sentence because your typing teacher told you to? I never had typing instruction, so I was unaware that there was a vast gap between one-spacers and two-spacers. (via Buzzfeed)

As part of research into LSD during the 1950s, a “normal” housewife takes a trip while being recorded for science -and for TV. She needn’t have been so nervous; it obviously was a pleasant experience for her.

5 Ways Science Could Make Us Immortal. Emphasis on the word “could”, because these methods aren’t yet ready for real world tests. NSFW text.

Whiskey distillers used to run dairies just because they had leftover mash they could feed cows with. It didn’t matter that the “swill milk” was awful -some chalk or plaster mixed in made it appear passable.

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