Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Fun Links

This story is NSFW and may cause pain to males, but it's a great story. The comments are priceless as well, especially this thread.

Searching for the Naturally Occurring Punchline. Unintentional comedy has replaced scripted humor, especially for citizens of the internet. (via Breakfast Links)

Discography of Your Favorite Band. No, it doesn’t matter what band they are; in fact they don’t even have to be your favorite.

Axeman13 reviewed a video game without realizing it is a parody game. He also didn’t realize how hilarious we would find his spelling and his outrage.

The Meal that Ended My Career as a Restaurant Critic. Eating at a different restaurant every night is not all its cracked up to be, even when they’re giving you special treatment. (via Boing Boing)

Inglip, Dogfort and How the Internet Shapes Humor. Choose wisely which memes you want to follow, or you’ll never get an productive work done.

The Neural Correlate of Ignorance.

The latest story from Allie Brosch will remind you of a horror film -one in which you are being chased through a dark forest by a horde of demons intent on devouring you. Never mind that the horde of demons was a group of six-year-old girls at a birthday party!

The Rings of Saturn is just a concept at this point, but even that makes me dizzy. Would you ride it? (via The Daily What)

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