Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Funny Links

Fark's Headline of the Year Winners. And honorable mentions -lots of them.

Vice-presidential dating advice. Joe Biden only knows one thing to say to girls, so he’s had plenty of practice saying it.

Watch the cool dancing lights in the 8×8 LED cube! It comes with instructions for making your own, guaranteed to impress anyone. (via The Daily What)

5 Terrible Movie Toy Tie-Ins. They are so awful that they are probably collector’s items now.

"Beat It": the Red Army Version.

Meet Germany’s newest superstar, all the way from North Carolina! If it weren’t for her unorthodox appearance, she’d be just bump on a US highway.

Should I Have a Cookie? This handy flow chart will give you the same advice I would. Also works for honey buns.

Unobtaniums. Chemicals, elements, and materials that only exist in fiction.

I'm awesome. NSFW lyrics.

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Minnesotastan said...

The cookie link is already dead. :.(

But it's up at 22 words -