Monday, November 16, 2009

Links for Fun

Octomom Teaches Miss South Carolina Where Babies Come From.

Seth McFarlane's Secret. So many different shows, you won't realize they're exactly the same!

Do-it-yourself Serbian lowrider. When you don't have the necessary parts, you make do with what you have.

A strange case of pets petting pets. Oh sure, every cat would love to have a scratching bird!

Seven Strange and Wonderful Dishes. Barreling down the cholesterol highway in search of palate nirvana.

8 Animals That Ran for Government Office. The list includes three who actually served.

My youngest daughter wants to grow up and design computer games. I'm afraid if I show her this, she'll want to be a waitress instead.

Diplomatic relations can get a little crazy when it comes to World Cup soccer. The last message is the most believable.

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