Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Reads and Information

Reprogramming brains with algae DNA and lights sounds like an evil plan for world domination. In this case, the aim is to cure patients of debilitating diseases.

The murders that inspired the book In Cold Blood happened 50 years ago this week. Here's a look back at the crime, the book written about it, and how the town of Holcomb, Kansas has dealt with its notoriety. (via Metafilter)

7 Badass Vikings. Funny how a few murderous berserkers can give an entire ethnic group a bad name.

Famous Globsters. Basically, a globster is a blobby-looking, unidentifiable carcass that has washed up on a shore somewhere.

Have you cleaned your computer lately? You don't want yours to end up in this gallery of dirty, dirty PCs.

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen made friends with an Antarctic leopard seal. It was mostly a one-way relationship, as the seal considered him to be helpless and not-too-bright.

7 Famous Phrases Famous People Own. Oh, you can say them, but you might get a bill afterward.

Oxford Word of the Year 2009 is Unfriend. With friends like these, who needs unfriends?

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