Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Reads and Information

Everyone in the family is happy and excited when a soldier comes home after a long deployment, but who is best at expressing that joy? Right, the dog! I dare you to keep a straight face and a dry eye while watching these videos.

New research find dyslexic children have trouble focusing on one voice among ambient noise. The inability to separate what's important from everything else may explain their problems with learning to read.

Why Do They Play Bagpipes at Soldiers' Funerals? You might want to thank (or blame) president Kennedy.

10 Unabashed Quacks in Medical History. Why spend all those years studying and treating sick people when you could just make up something to sell them and get rich?

The Decade in Seven Minutes. Did all this stuff really happen since 2000?

The History of ‘It’ Girls (And Their Predictable Downfalls). You fall harder from a pedestal than from the floor.

In most societies, men are more competitive than women. But not all, which points to the idea that competitiveness is a learned behavior and not a product of evolution.

The Physics of Touching Your Toes. A simple parlor trick can teach kids about stability, or else leave someone flat on their face.

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