Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Fun Links

A man cave is a place for a man to go to get away from the rest of the family and the problems of the world. Check out the 15 Best Man Caves on the Internet. (via Gorilla Mask)

I once said this was the best Halloween costume for a kid in a wheelchair. I may have to rethink that, because this one is adorable.

A clever ad for a Yamaha dealership. It all comes down to your point of view.

8 Chimpanzee Stars. They work for peanuts and bring in King Kong-sized audiences.

Top 5 Folky Covers of Rap & Hip-Hop Songs. I will always love Jonathon Coulton's version of Baby Got Back.

There is an elaborate set of rules you must follow to decide who gets the honor of “riding shotgun”.

He was delighted to find his son had his own terms for different LEGO pieces. So he gathered more children, four in all, to find out what names they used, and assembled those names in a handy chart. (via Buzzfeed)

Movie quotes that are also movie titles. The video is much cooler than its description would lead you to believe.

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