Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Funny Links

Amazin Blaze Heatin ana Beatin Welding Service. "If you don't like the way I do it, I'll let you try it."

Twilight: Three Wolf Moon. In case you don't get the joke, the backstory is here.

A drunk bridesmaid, a bride with a nosebleed, and a disastrous pole dance attempt. Now that's what you call a wedding to remember!

A soap bubble with a tornado inside? This has to be way more difficult than it looks!

Apelad (of Laugh Out Loud Cats fame) has been writing and illustrating Limericks for Naughty Children. Safe for work, and even for naughty children. (via Neatorama)

Can you name the most commonly used words in the English language? In this quiz, you'll have twelve minutes to name the 100 words most used. (via J-Walk Blog)

Seventeen Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat. Who knew president Lincoln was such a cat lover?

Gary Brolsma, the star of the hit video Numa Numa, conducts the MSU marching band. You can probably guess what song.

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