Monday, October 12, 2009

Links for Fun

The Best Villains in Movie History. I must be getting decrepit -I can name all the old ones and none of the recent ones.

Butterball goes down the stairs. That’s a big accomplishment for an adorable seven-week-old puppy who’s never done it before.

Extreme Swing Tricks. Just some things kids pick up on their way to parkour or Olympic half-pipe.

One Man Band. I wish my town had wonderful characters like this.

The Coolest Guy in the World. He’s kinda just great at everything except making those around him feel adequate.

Why I Slept with 1300 Women. (via

How to Defy Death on the Golf Course. I had no idea the sport was so dangerous!

Some people dream of fame and fortune, others of making the world a better place. Reed Fish and his wife Liz dream of taking photographs of every Sizzler restaurant in the United States.

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