Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fun Links

The Wardrobe: A Man and His Story. Never underestimate the value of a great story, and sticking to it.

Kiteboarding (snowboarding and flying a kite) can be a lot of fun. And then this happens. Language NSFW in French environments.

7 New Professors on If only I had teachers this interesting, I might be able to remember college.

Pet Confessions. Kind of like PostSecret for animals, except they are made up and much funnier than real pets would be.

Here's a frog riding a motorcycle. I don't even have a one-liner to follow that. (via Gorilla Mask)

5 Irrational Fears (Even Rational People Have). Your odds of death or injury are far greater driving to work every day.

11 Variations on the Rubik’s Cube. Most are centered on the idea of making the puzzle harder!

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