Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Fun Links

6 Beloved TV Shows (That Traumatized Cast Members For Life). Hey, nobody said stardom would be easy!

10 Reasons Not to Bring Someone Back from the Dead. You can learn a lot from science fiction. (via Gorilla Mask)

Verizon Wireless pranks a customer. He made a call, they showed up, just like in those ridiculous TV ads.

Roman Polanski on To Catch a Predator. So what if the interviewer and interviewee are 30 years apart, it still works.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Support the cause by buying one of the 15 Strangest Breast Cancer Awareness Products.

Imagine watching Star Wars and the actors, sets, and style changed every 15 seconds. You’d be imagining the collaborative project Star Wars Uncut, which still needs volunteers, even though the first trailer is out.

Sesame Street Channels Mad Men. Good work, sycophants! (via YesButNoButYes)

7 Secrets Only Two Living People Know (For Some Reason). That reason is that if only one person knew it, no one would believe they knew it.

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