Thursday, October 01, 2009

Informative Links

The Creepiest Thing Ever. L’Inconnue de la Seine, the most-kissed face ever, was a dead woman pulled from the seine in the 1870s or 1880s.

Extreme pain and stress can actually impair a person's ability to tell the truth. Just in case ineffectiveness is more important than inhumanity in deciding whether to sanction torture.

9 Ways Marketing Weasels Will Try to Manipulate You. Thinking rationally before you buy will save you money, especially if you decide not to buy.

The Mystery of Hitler’s Missing Gold. They still don’t know where it is, but here are six possibilities.

Things you might not know about schizophrenia, in comic book form. There but for the grace of God go any of us. (via b3ta)

8 Historical Crossdressers: Women in a Man’s World. Because in many times and places, a man’s life was a lot more fun.

Roman Polanski: What Did He Do? Here’s the story from the transcripts of the 1977 grand jury investigation.

Redwoods: The Supertrees. They live for thousands of years and grow hundreds of feet, and they support an entire ecosystem in their branches.

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