Thursday, August 27, 2009

Information Links

The Unfortunate Sex Life of the Banana. Bananas as we know them are all hybrid clones not found in nature, which leaves them in danger of sudden extinction.

30 Classic Games for Simple Outdoor Play. Nice to have the goals and rules spelled out for parents with poor memories, but where was this post in June when I needed it?

100 Ways to Use a Strip of Bacon. Relax, they all involve something good to eat.

Debt: The first five thousand years. The history of how we came to be beholden is linked to slavery, violence, and greed.

The Boy Who Heard Too Much. Blind teenager Matthew Weigman used his “telephone superpowers” to run a crime spree from his bedroom.

Physicist Richard Feynman explains why a mirror switches your left and right, but doesn’t switch your up and down. He also makes other points about mirrors that can lead to more head scratching.

Meet the forgotten 90 percent of your brain: glial cells, which outnumber your neurons ten to one. And no one really knows what they do.

Just as we thought: those environmental experiments people put themselves through are gimmicks to sell books. And why not? These stunts work better now than they did for Thoreau! (via The Popcorn Trick)

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