Monday, September 22, 2008

Information Links

Psychologist John B. Watson had a theory that humans are not afraid of anything until something causes us to fear. To test that theory, in1920 he went through the process of teaching an infant (known as "Little Albert") to be afraid.

Through weather and neglect, abandoned vehicles and structures take on a beauty of their own. Here is a gallery to prove it.

How to avoid convicting people for crimes they didn't commit. It happens all too often.

Experiments show that loud music in bars increases alcohol consumption. Scientific research can be such demanding work.

The History of Aerial Photography, from cameras lifted on kites to the moon missions. We once even had birds take pictures for us!

10 Extraordinary Tales of Extraordinary Twins. The overarching theme is the amazing and lasting bonds between wombmates. (via Euba)

10 Overused Words in Writing. I plead guilty! Forgive me!

People read screen text in a completely different way from print sources. This may explain why reading scores go down when computers are introduced into the classroom. (via Metafilter)

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