Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Fun Links

Arrrr! It's once again Talk Like A Pirate Day! Enjoy some pirate kitties for the occasion, and check out the pirate jokes, links, pictures, and videos I've posted over the years. Also see some pirate songs and stuff over at YesButNoButYes.

Beavis and Butthead sell candy for their school. Well, not really, but they make a lame attempt.

Impossible Fractals. Really, they're only impossible in a three-dimensional world. They look great on the internet! (via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories)

8 Classic Movies That Got Away With Gaping Plot Holes. I had a couple in mind before I read the list, and apparently others wondered about those, too.

Awesome Guitar Tapping. This guy makes it look and sound like a whole new instrument.

How well do you perceive colors? Arrange these in order, and compare your score to others. Zero is perfect.

The 10 Best Celebrity Pratfalls. The bigger they are, the more views they get coming down.

The weirdest news stories of the week.


Unknown said...

I have a confession. I haven't talked like a pirate all day. Sorry.

But! I do have a pirate flag in my house. Will that do?

Miss Cellania said...

Hey, you've got me beat! I haven't said a word out loud since the kids left for school, and I don't know where my pirate flag is!